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Getting Your First Job Series: Google Yourself

Not quite!

Before you head off into the employment world there’s one final step.

Google yourself. Ideally on a friend’s computer so you can see what other people see when they google you, because google you they will!

I did it recently. I discovered an article I’d written for Mamma Mia around a decade ago about endometriosis. So far so good. Unfortunately, they’d gone for the most horrendous click-bait title ever (I will tell you only if I see if you in person!).

I pitch for work from large companies and universities, screen agencies and corporates. Does a click-bait title make me sound professional? 100% not!

I asked for a change, it happened and my google now makes me look as staid and professional as I’ll ever look!

1. Check your social media accounts – are they something you’d like a future boss to see? Think about all the furore various journalists are encountering because of their personal Twitter feeds or Instagram posts. Save yourself the hassle and clean up your online presence or make sure it doesn’t clearly link to your name.

2. Personal Website. If you’ve got one, great. Make sure it’s up to date and relevant to the jobs you’re applying for. Don’t have one? No problem, you don’t need it.

3. LinkedIn. Yes it’s like the weirdest corporate FB but everyone uses it. Make sure your LinkedIn Profile is up to date. Make it match your CV.

But beyond getting rid of your terrible drunk photos why is this stuff important? Recently Denise was looking for people to invite to a mentorship program. She googled 180 early career people (yes really 180 people… that’s dedication right there!). Of them only 20 had LinkedIn profiles that even vaguely made them look like they worked in, or were interested in the screen industry.

Put yourself in the shoes of a busy production manager. You need a runner urgently and 2 CVs come across your desk this morning. You google both.

Person 1 has a half-empty LinkedIn page, drunken FB photos from uni and a Twitter account that includes lots of ALL CAPS MESSAGES.

Person 2 has a LinkedIn profile clearly stating their experience, roles and that they’re keen to work, a private Insta and a few links to the shorts they’ve crewed on that have got websites / won awards.

It’s a no brainer isn’t it. Person 1 is probably just as good as Person 2, maybe even a bit better. But the PM has no way of knowing that – they can only make their mind up based on what’s in front of them. So make it easy for them.

If you’re not sure what a good LinkedIn looks like, look at your peers. Search for ‘runner’ in your area under people and see how their profiles look. You want yours to look as good, if not better.

Start connecting with people. A LinkedIn account with 5 connections says you’re not serious. Connect with me or Denise – we’ll accept your connection if your profile looks professional.

Start following the companies you’d like to work for – that way you can see what they’re up to and sometimes they even post jobs.

As a minimum follow your local screen agency, Screen Australia and Media Mentors of course!!

We’re now halfway through our first job series, coming up is how to get a job when they’re not advertised and where screen jobs are in fact advertised.

Remember if you’d like some help on creating a killer CV or profile you can always work with us through a mentoring session. Or come to a free online networking event where you can ask for feedback on your profile from the group.


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