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At Media Mentors, we listen to you, we share ideas and we collaborate with you to achieve your goals. We're an outside and knowledgeable voice. Unbiased and non-judgemental, we're here to support you. 


Our clients have had every issue under the sun! There's no challenge we, or one of our stable of experts, can't help with - we promise!

From having no direction to facing particular challenges, from people who have lost confidence to those who need new skills, we can help develop projects and build businesses. Come and chat to us at a free monthly session or book an introductory session to test us out. 

And remember, if you're a Member you get a 25% discount on 1hr mentoring sessions!! Totally worth being a Member!!

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Once you're a Member check  out the Members Hub to get the discount code for Mentoring.

We're excited to work with you!


What Is Mentoring?
What Is Mentoring?
Multiple Dates
FREE | Monthly 45-min online drop-in sessions with Denise and Esther - NB these are group sessions open to all, NOT individual sessions.
21 Aug 2024, 12:30 pm – 1:15 pm AEST
Zoom (Online)
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