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Media Mentors is here to help creatives find their way in this sometimes difficult, mostly vibrant, always exciting industry.


We’ve been doing this for years in various guises – as producers, trainers, broadcast execs, conference organisers, business mentors – now we’ve formalised it and made mentoring our business.


Above all, we mentor people to create projects, better careers, more confidence, stronger connections and, most of all, lots more satisfying work. Regardless of their career stage.


We also mentor projects, run skills-based workshops and help businesses get a foothold in Australia.  


We work with employers who want to assist their employees and with funding agencies like Film Victoria and ScreenWorks to deliver our confidential services to where they are needed.

Our first consultation is free so get in touch.

some of our work:

Meet the Creators guest panelists
Meet The Creators Logo
Headshots of Meet the Creators guests
Headshots of Meet the Creators guests
Running Free Live promo: Think Bigger! How Ideas Become Formats. How do you take a single idea and
Denise Eriksen hosting a Meet the Creators event
Esther Coleman-Hawkins & Denise Eriksen at an AFTRS event
Headline: Ask the Mentor: How do I get new clients to build my business?
Composite Image for Crime Pays
Facebook Event Title: Talks @ AFTRS with Kate Dennis and Jonathan Brough
Actor Aaron Fa'Aoso portraying a police officer, he is holding a gun
Headshot of Benjamin Law Australian journalist, columnist and screenwriter.
ACMI and Media Mentors present Running Free poster
running free combined
01 Key Vertical
Screenshot 2020-06-04 13.16.58
Esther Coleman-Hawkins sitting at a computer at an ACMI event, a man is standing next to her using t
Esther Coleman-Hawkins sitting on a panel talking to two guests. Screen behind them is a table that
Esther Coleman-Hawkins standing with guests at an Our Match event
Esther Coleman-Hawkins MCing an event, talking to panelists
Esther Coleman-Hawkins standing on a stage holding a microphone and laughing
Denise Eriksen standing with a group of people around a table
Denise Eriksen sitting on a panel with four guests. Text on image reads @AFTRS, #aftrsmakeit day 2,
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