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Getting Your First Job Series: Writing a CV

Next steps – an appropriate CV.

Now before you log into Canva and start getting all creative, please stop.

CVs in the screen industry are different to CVs in the corporate world. They’re plain, short and sweet.

Why are screen CVs simple? Because production managers, line producers and Heads of Departments (the hirers) are busy people who want to make quick decisions. If your CV is super fancy, yes you stand out, but only because they can’t see the info they need quickly. And if they don’t read it, you don’t get a job.

They want to know if you can do they job and they make that judgement from knowing: What role do you do? Have you done it before? Who are you? Do you have what they need (driving license etc)? Who do they know that you’ve worked with before?

Not sure you believe me? Totally reasonable, go and see what your competition is doing! Look at Freelancers Promotions or RMK Crew and you’ll see how everyone else does their CV.

So open up Word and start typing.

Job Title – What roles can you do? Runner / Driver / Prod Assistant / Unit Assistant

Give yourself a couple of roles so you have options.

Make sure you know what is expected of you in each role – you can do this by calling or emailing someone is already doing this role and asking them about the job.

Contact Information – name, phone number, email address.

Personal Statement – 50-100 words about who you are, why you’re ace and why you want to work in the industry. Be you, be passionate be honest.

Had a previous career – great! Say why you’re moving to this industry.

Wanted to work in TV since you saw Scott & Charlene’s wedding (just me?) – tell us! Make your personal statement more about who you are as a human being, be memorable.

Screen Roles – professional first then volunteer, or just volunteer if that’s all you have. List things as: Role / Production Name / Production Company / Date. You don’t need to explain what you did – if you were a runner, we know what a runner does.

Non-Screen Roles – only necessary if you only have 2 or 3 credits. It shows that you’re a capable and reliable worker. Just list things as Role Title / Company / Date.

Skills & Education – list driving license, other tickets, Working With Children Check, languages spoken etc. Then list professionally appropriate skills e.g. Confident shooter with FS7 or Edit with Adobe Premier. Then education, if you have some!!

References – Give the name and contact details of two people, and make sure they know to expect a call about you! Please supply the details, don’t say available on request – this makes it harder and could be a reason to say no.

And that’s all you need. One page is enough in your early career. I know it might seem plain and boring but it’s all you need.

Next time – Using LinkedIn for finding work


Writing your CV should take no more than an hour. If it’s taking you longer have a think about why. What’s going on in your head that’s stopping you doing it?

If you’re struggling with this question then you can book a 1hr session with us to help you figure out what’s holding you back. It could be fear of failure, fear of success, fear that you’re going to follow your dream and not like it – whatever it is we can help you sort it!

And if you want to crack on speedily and get everything done in one session with us, book our 2 hour intensive Get A Job session.


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