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We understand that investing in your career can be challenging when money is tight so we are offering ONE FREE SPOT in each of our sessions to a screen practitioner who is experiencing financial hardship. Apply now for a chance to secure your place.


Above the Line refers to those people on a project that have creative control and/or bring in the money!! This typically includes writers, directors and producers. If this is where you see your career - WELCOME! 

We run workshops and networking events that are focused around the business of doing your job and your career. We'll teach you how to pitch, develop ideas and of course network with those who can help you get them made. 

If you want to supercharge your career you might want to think about MENTORING. Or if you're more interested in the jobs that make the magic happen then check out our BELOW THE LINE offerings. 

We're absolutely open to suggestions for new workshops, email us here.

Finally we welcome everyone to our workshops. If you have an access need or a learning style we need to be aware of to help you get the best out of an event then please let us know on

You belong here. 

  • Screen Industry Networking
    Screen Industry Networking
    Multiple Dates
    Thu, 08 Feb
    Zoom (Online)
    08 Feb 2024, 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm
    Zoom (Online)
    FREE online networking for Screen Professionals
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