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Pitching with WIFT - 50% discount!

We've teamed up with WIFT Vic and WIFT Australia to run our hugely successful Pitching 101 course.

Pitching your ideas, your skills and your projects is arguably the most fundamental skill we need to get on in the creative world. Regardless of career stage. And a successful pitch begins way before walking into a room (or a Zoom meeting).

We'll work through our foolproof pitch template to ensure you're (wait for it, cheesy pitch reference coming up) Pitch Perfect every time!

Tickets are just $175 - a 50% discount on normal prices. You need to be a WIFT member to join - click here to become a member.

This is what you'll get!

Workshop 1 - Pitching basics (Two Hours) WEDNESDAY 25TH NOV 7-9PM

• What actually is a pitch?

• What’s the point of a pitch?

• How to read guidelines for a pitching opportunity.

• When to pitch.

• What makes a brilliant pitch?

• Types of pitches – in person, written, video. How do they differ?

• What is your idea – how to distil even the most complex story into a simple sentence.

• How to pitch yourself – people buy you as much as the idea so how do you sell yourself?

Homework - Using the skills learned in Workshop 1 and our fantastic pitching template, create your pitch – Media Mentors will be available via phone and email to help you write the best pitch possible.

Workshop 2 – Pitch Practice (Two Hours) TUESDAY 1ST DECEMBER 7-9PM

• Every participant will pitch their idea to the group and get feedback.

• Workshopping ideas for improvement

• Polish pitches.

Everyone will finish the workshop feeling absolutely confident in their ability to pitch their next project.

** Attendees must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement as we will be discussing everyone’s ideas as part of the workshop. **


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