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How to pitch scripted content

Missed our Film Victoria / ACMI session on Thursday? Missed finding out how the free to air scripted commissioners want you to pitch ideas to them?

Catch up here: https://youtu.be/L51fzVmrMbg

Or read the notes we made for you!

Sally Riley, Head of Scripted Production, ABC

Tone is important. What is tone? It’s the feel - it could be noir, light, dark, gritty, light on its feet, heavy.

If I get a script and bible I’ll read the script first. I don’t like people who pitch me 10 shows at once – we’re not Hollywood. I want to know which show you want to make. If we’re going on this journey, it’s a two year journey, so we need to love the show and be able to work together. We need to have the same vision.