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Cold Email Etiquette: how to ask for work

Sadly, cold calling isn’t just for electricity companies. If this industry is all about who, not what you know, then you need to be able to know lots of people. Professionally obvs, not in the biblical sense…

For introverts, extra polite people and, frankly, the vast majority of us, contacting someone out of the blue to ask for work feels like a massive barrier. But here’s a formula that becomes your battering ram.


Think about the role you’re going for and who would employ you.

Want an entry level costume role? Speak to head of costume. Want an MD role? Connect with the board members. If all else fails, try production managers, line producers or the head of production.

Don’t know names? LinkedIn is a godsend.

Also check credits of shows you like, crew agencies and the names of regular posters on industry social media.


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