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We’re experienced at producing networking events (including Conferences) for the creative community.


We’ve produced two Make It! conferences - staged with the support of Film Victoria and AFTRS. 

They proved we know how to put together great panels for discussions, how to programme events so everyone feels satisfied by what they’ve experienced and all for the best price possible.

We understand marketing, partnerships and sponsorship to deliver events with imagination and flair. And we know how to snare the best speakers possible.


Since March, 2020, we’ve delivered regular networking events - in person and online - with the support of AFTRS, Film Vic and ACMI.


Make It Monthly was the child of Make It - an in person, then online networking panel and drinks, principally for Victorians.


We then delivered a national event - Running Free Live - with massive industry support.


COVID-19 forced us to think laterally about how to deliver networking in an online environment and, with the help of Zoom Rooms, we’ve brokered partnerships for ideas, enabled participants to question panelists and facilitated contacts between creative professionals.

Talk to us about what you’re planning for your event or conference and we’ll be able to assist.

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