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Hearing feedback from Gemma on multiple scripts (not just my own) over the duration of the course, gave me a great insight into what a developer looks for in a script.

- Anonymous

It was very helpful to see what other emerging creatives are writing ... It's rare that you get to read so many new, unproduced screenplays and analyse them with a professional.

- Anonymous

Gemma was really encouraging and kind, generous with her time and articulate with her feedback.

- Anonymous

It was clear that Gemma had a strong grasp of story craft and she was excellent at giving clear notes/feedback. Gemma was encouraging and at the same time, was able to give on point feedback or call out something that wasn't working in a script. Gemma was also great with tips (loglines etc) and offered tangible suggestions on how to execute ideas in a script. Gemma also ran the class to schedule - I always appreciate that.

- Anonymous

Australian author Alli Sinclair at a book signing

Alli Sinclair, Author

"As an author moving into creating content for the screen, I've been expertly guided by Denise and Esther. Their support for creators and love for their industry shines through and I am so very thankful to have Media Mentors helping me make this transition. They are wonderful!" 

Headshot of David Chau, ABC Finance Journalist

David Chau, ABC Finance Journalist

"Denise has been a wonderful mentor to me these past few years! She has given me great advice to further my career, and practical tips on how to be a better presenter. She's also a lovely person and a pleasure to work with!"  

Kristina Kraskov, Documentary Producer/Director sitting in a chair

Kristina Kraskov, Documentary Producer / Director

"I got  invaluable insight and perspective into the industry, skill set analysis and real connections and advice to move forward. The advice and connections have not only made me more confident of my future path but have already had a real effect on my career." 

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