Flummoxed? Not sure where to go next? Or even what options you’ve got? Career Counselling & Development could be for you.


IN: You want to work in the media but you’ve no idea what options there are or how you’d go about it? You might have a relevant degree or not. And you might have heard a lot of people tell you how hard it is to get a job. If you’re not a Murdoch then some career development might be just the replacement for good old fashioned nepotism that you need!


UP: Are you feeling stuck? You’re a great AP and everyone says so, but you can’t seem to get the next gig up? Or are you in drama when you’ve got a yearning to tell a real-life story but don’t know where to start? One on one career development can help you navigate to the next stage in your career quickly and easily.


OUT: That’s it... you’ve decided that the career you picked at 20 has run its course and you’ve still got another 30 years before your super will let you retire? Ouch...depressing! Or maybe you need a break so you can come back to the media with renewed passion, but you still have to pay the bills? Career counselling could be for you. Discover what’s out there, what your skills are worth in another industry and how to transition there.


A business coach or mentor can provide the outside perspective that we all desperately need.  Whether you’ve got a thorny problem at work, want to grow yourself or your business or just need a calm rational voice to stop the crazy, mentoring could be for you.


Unbiased and non-judgmental we will be your sounding board, help you formulate an action plan and be your cheerleader and provide accountability to make sure you achieve your goal.

Media Mentors Australia acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the true custodians of the land in which we live and work.