We’ve run skills workshops for broadcasters around the world - including the BBC, ABC, SBS, NITV, RTE, SABC, HTV in Vietnam and TVNZ. As well, we’ve worked regularly for AFTRS, Open Channel and the UK’s PACT. 


We run micro-skill workshops to meet specific needs - tapping into wider expertise if required - for everybody from industry entrants to late career professionals.  And we offer workshops which have a “long tail” running past the standard one or two day cram, with support and further mentoring for the weeks ahead.


Among the workshops we currently offer are Factual StoryTelling, How to MC an Event, Get Your First Job, Searching for New Markets, Getting the Most out of an Internship, and Media Training to enable industry professionals to face the media.  But we have an arsenal of professionals available for every workshop you can imagine - and a few more, besides.


Upcoming Workshops:

Pitching a Project 101 – the Nuts and Bolts


Get Your Pitch On!  The ultimate 2 stage workshop to get your pitch ready to go.

Pitching your ideas, your skills and your projects is arguably these most fundamental skill we all need to proceed in our world. Regardless of career stage. And a successful pitch begins way before walking into a room (or a Zoom meeting).  Here’s how you will do it.


Attendees must have an idea ready to pitch to a broadcaster or a Funding Body initiative they are about to apply for.  A Non-Disclosure Agreement will be signed as we will be discussing everyone’s ideas as part of the workshop. 


We’re going to help you to prepare your idea for a pitch – incorporating all of the possible formats.  Whether it’s a written pitch document, a video pitch or an in-person meeting. 


Workshop 1 - Pitching basics (Two Hours)


  • What actually is a pitch? 

  • What’s the point of a pitch?

  •  How to read guidelines for a pitching opportunity.

  • When to pitch.

  • What makes a brilliant pitch? 

  • Types of pitches – in person, written, video. How do they differ? 

  • What is your idea – how to distil even the most complex story into a simple sentence.

  • How to pitch yourself – people buy you as much as the idea so how do you sell yourself?



Using the skills learned in Workshop 1 create your pitch – with the support, if required, of your Media Mentors.


Workshop 2 – Pitch Practice (Two Hours) 


  • Every participant will pitch their idea to the group and get feedback. 

  • Workshopping ideas for improvement

  • Polish pitches.


Everyone will finish the workshop feeling absolutely confident in their ability to pitch their next project.



$350 per person COVID SPECIAL RATE: $295 per person.





Believe it or not, we do remember how hard it is to get a foothold in this business – and we see people struggling even harder these days. So, we’ve devised a Bootcamp to make it easier. 


Only available for very early career or new-to-the-business people.


4 x 1hr sessions over four weeks online. 


  • Kicks off with an industry overview, reality check and insights into the various fields in screen content creation. 

  • We’ll conduct a skills audit, teach you about CV creation and conduct a social media audit.

  • We’ll teach you how to get jobs within the industry, where they’re advertised and how to find the ones that aren’t advertised!

  • You’ll develop the skills to network & approach potential contacts.

  • We’ll show you how to build credits and finally teach you about salary negotiations

  • You’ll build a network with others on your workshop.



$250 per person.  COVID SPECIAL RATE: $200 per person.


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