We’ve run skills workshops for broadcasters around the world - including the BBC, ABC, SBS, NITV, RTE, SABC, HTV in Vietnam and TVNZ. As well, we’ve worked regularly for AFTRS, Open Channel and the UK’s PACT. 


We run micro-skill workshops to meet specific needs - tapping into wider expertise if required - for everybody from industry entrants to late career professionals.  And we offer workshops which have a “long tail” running past the standard one or two day cram, with support and further mentoring for the weeks ahead.


Among the workshops we currently offer are Factual StoryTelling, How to MC an Event, Get Your First Job, Searching for New Markets, Getting the Most out of an Internship, and Media Training to enable industry professionals to face the media.  But we have an arsenal of professionals available for every workshop you can imagine - and a few more, besides.


Upcoming Workshops: