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You’ve finally made it. Your pride and joy is sitting on a hard drive. But how do you get an audience to watch it? Now hopefully you’ll actually be thinking about this LONG before you’ve finished your film but still the question is – how do you find a fan base? The roulette of social media? How important is casting? Do you sell all rights worldwide to an international streamer? Or do you use an overseas Sales Agent? How do you get a film into cinemas in Australia? Do you wait for a festival release? You may be the new kid on the block, is that an obstacle or an asset? Distribution is also where your return on investment comes in, so how do you make sure that you get a return worthy of your emotional, physical and financial investment? What about the critics? How do you get to the next movie, fast? In conjunction with Mario Andreacchio, International Emmy Award Winner and creator of Napoleon (one of Australia's most profitable films of the past 20 years) we’re running a series of workshops designed to get you the knowledge you need, from someone with some serious runs on the board. 10 people. 1 expert. 90 minutes. Everything you need to know – personalised to you. This style of workshop is heavily interactive. Every participant will submit 3 relevant questions in advance. Mario will then run the small group workshop around what you actually want to know. Simple, targeted, in-depth, personalised. Groups are kept small, so you get the maximum benefit. And you get to ask for the information you specifically want.

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