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Make It Monthly - TONIGHT!

It's 2020 so everything has gone online.

We're excited to be presenting our first ever online, live streaming panel. And what better topic to be discussing but the role of online platforms in building your career!

You can join us from 6pm tonight Melbourne time on ACMI's YouTube Channel - HERE

You can ask questions, interact with the panel and be part of the first online live audience that we've done.

As they say on all good reality shows we're excited AND nervous!

On the panel are:

Hayley Adams: Producer and Director, Love Songs (first ever scripted drama released on TikTok) and I Can’t Even

Max Miller: Film Director – Aunty Donna

Ric Forster: Director – FLUNK

Grace Feng Fang Juan: Writer & Director, Girl, Interpreted

Nikki Tran: Producer Girl, Interpreted

MC - Denise Eriksen: Co Founder, Media Mentors

See you tonight!!


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