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Getting Your First Job Series: Don't Give Up

And nothing.

Absolutely bloody nothing.

No replies, no thank yous and definitely no jobs.

We have all been here – I promise. So, before you throw the towel in here are some things to remember…

Tip 1 - It’s Not About You

In your life you are, quite rightly, the most important person. Sadly, this does not equate to anyone else’s. Apart from maybe your parents. When you were a kid.

But for everyone you’re emailing they are 100% focussed on their life and their current dilemma. This dilemma could be anything – from global warming to Covid, from funding their next project to job hunting themselves.

Their lack of reply is not personal to you – I promise.

Follow up using the 1,2,3 rule.

One week after you first contact them, follow up politely.

Still nothing?

Try again two weeks later. Again politely. Perhaps with an update on the information in the first email.


Leave it three months and come back to them.

And how do you know when to send these emails?

Tip 2 - Get A Spreadsheet & Calendar

Job hunting and networking is part of our job in the screen industry. Treat it as professionally as you would any other part of your job.

Tip 3 - Don’t Give Up

Or more specifically don’t do half the job and then throw the towel in. Remember the 10% rule. If you want a reply you need to send 10 emails – don’t send 3 and give up. Success in this industry requires luck AND hard work. And to get the luck you need to work hard.

Tip 4 – Remember The Process

The screen industry is different to law in terms of the recruitment process. But they both follow their own patterns.

I watched my sister-in-law fill in hundreds of long-winded graduate application forms to get enough interviews to get a job. I guarantee that sending a brief email is easier!!

Tip 5 – Get Your Network

You know who will help support you during this process? Your peers. Other people doing the same thing. If you’re starting out you need to find your tribe. Join the guilds, attend meet ups and networking events run by screen agencies, SPAA, AACTA. You can even (shameless plug coming up) attend our free fortnightly online networking session.

Come and share your story and hear other people’s experiences – you’ll realise that we’re all in the same boat and you just need to keep going.

If you need more help, we’d love to work with you – our mentoring sessions will help you fast track your career! Book an individual session or a package here.


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