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apply for a free MIFF 37ºSouth Postscript&direct pass

The Melbourne International Film Festival’s 37°South Market is generously offering one lucky Make It participant a free registration and guaranteed entry into this year’s 37°South: PostScript&Direct, which enables selected Australia/NZ directors/writers/creatives to meet with, and pitch to, selected 37ºSouth registered Australian/NZ producers and interest them in their work and skills via a series of curated one-to-one meetings and networking events.


37ºSouth Market is a key MIFF Industry initiative - held between 4-7 August, 2022 in Melbourne and attracts the best creatives, distributors, financiers and broadcasters in the business.


This two day pass is worth $225 and offers:

  • A personal diary of up to 8 one-to-one meetings with producers on Saturday 06 August or Sunday 07 August

  • Networking mixer lunches on Saturday 06 August and Sunday 07 August

  • Access to State of Play panels on Saturday 06 August and Sunday 07 August

  • Invite to 37ºSouth Market Closing Drinks on Sunday Aug 07 evening

To apply for this opportunity please email your CV, credits list and a personal statement, of no more than 500 words articulating clearly why you should win this opportunity.

Pitch yourself as an emerging director, writer or creative (producer etc) who deserves this chance.  Talk about your work, your enthusiasm for the opportunity - sell us you and your work. Your specialty can be Film or Television.

Please email your application to

Applications will close at 5pm on Monday, 23 May.  No exceptions.


The applications will then be considered by Media Mentors Australia and MiFF Industry colleagues.  


The winner will be announced on Monday, 30 May by email.  

To enter you must fulfil the following criteria:

  • be a screenwriter or director or creative with credits/track record in feature film, TV drama/narrative comedy, shorts, web series or TVCs/music videos.

  • have attended Make It 2022


Further conditions:

  • be aware that if you are selected, the information that you provide on your entry will be published in a booklet and that by submitting this information you agree that it may be published.

  • This registration is for ONE person who will receive ONE photo lanyard entitling them for entry to PS&D meetings, events and functions.

  • Extra members of the creative team are not eligible for entry to the market floor. If you wish to take your meetings with further members of your creative team, they will need to submit a separate registration form and fee.

  • By filling out this form you agree that you are available to participate in the PS&D diary of meetings and activities that will be organised for you for the entirety of 12.00pm to 4.00pm on Saturday 06 August or Sunday 07 August.

  • By submitting an application, you are agreeing to receive program and marketing updates from MIFF Industry (including MIFF 37ºSouth Market, Accelerator Lab and Premiere Fund) and Media Mentors (Australia).

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